Tech-Driven Innovation Enabling Enhanced Services in Pet Industry
Technology & innovation
Leveraging technology and continuous innovation, XidoPet empowers the pet industry to deliver superior services, enhancing the overall consumer experience in pet care.
Custom grooming for different breeds and sizes, efficient, quiet cleaning with minimal manual effort and high pet comfort.

Who We Are

XidoPet Technology, established 2016, innovates in AI-driven pet care, prioritizing customer-centric solutions.

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Leading Technology

Efficient Smart Health-Monitoring Pet Care

iPetClean revolutionizes pet care with smart bathing solutions.

iPetClean increases bathing efficiency fourfold, surpassing manual methods and outperforming similar European, American, and Japanese products in solving key technical issues.
iPetClean shifts pet care from manual to intelligent, revolutionizing the industry by streamlining bathing services, boosting store efficiency, and profitability. Its health monitoring feature collects critical data for detailed pet health reports, enhancing owner knowledge and pet care.

Elite team with strong strength

A skilled R&D team with AI doctorates and national project leaders, alongside an experienced operations team from top internet firms, swiftly innovate and optimize online profitability with customized services.

Reduce noise and improve efficiency

XidoPet's unique pet bathing robot, a global first, offers an integrated, intelligent hair cleaning process, outperforming European and American counterparts in efficiency, noise reduction, and convenience, significantly reducing time and labor costs.

Accurate identification, feeling first

XidoPet's semi-open, stress-reducing pet shower robot uses ultrasonic microbubble technology for efficient, safe cleaning and auto-adjusts conditions to minimize pet discomfort during bathing.

Comfortable experience and deep care

In partnership with leading R&D teams, XidoPet's Philos brand offers natural plant-based pet grooming products, ensuring gentle cleaning, skin repair, and a healthy, enjoyable bathing experience for pets.

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