Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Innovative application of artificial intelligence+big data

Real time monitoring, analysis, and reminder of pet’s internal and external health data

Massive data cloud storage and cloud computing

The pet bathing robot is the world’s first and only artificial intelligence bathing and care device. There are three advantages:

1. Pets are more comfortable

  • Traditional manual bathing takes a long time, averaging 1-1.5 hours, and pets consume too much energy and are prone to fatigue. The pet bathing robot has high work efficiency, even for large dogs, it only takes 15 minutes from cleaning to drying, making pets more comfortable.
  • Traditional manual bathing produces loud and long-lasting noise, making pets uncomfortable. The pet shower robot only takes 10 minutes to dry, and uses the latest fans and noise reduction technology to minimize noise, making pets more comfortable.


2. Higher efficiency

  • For pets, shorter bathing time makes them more comfortable.
  • For consumers, the shortened bathing time greatly reduces the waiting time for pet owners.
  • For businesses, the efficiency of bathing is four times that of traditional manual methods, greatly improving customer reception capabilities, reducing labor costs, lowering bathing prices, and enhancing traffic attraction and competitiveness.


3. Pets are healthier

  • Applying artificial intelligence in vitro detection technology to bathing equipment can monitor pet weight, heart rate, blood pressure, skin condition, etc. in real time. By collecting pet health and consumption data, analyzing pet health status, clarifying consumer real needs, and providing full life cycle services for pets.
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