Scenario Application

Online ordering, online reminders, no queuing

Intelligent order sorting, one click verification, and full workflow recording

Accurate big data statistics, multi port full record of pet store beauticians and consumers

1. Provide intelligent cleaning and care applications

  • Automatically adjust water yield, height, flow rate and foam usage
  • Brushless fan, low noise and fast air drying
  • Manual control function
  • Built in water circulation, efficient and energy-saving


2. Full life cycle management of pets

  • Collect and analyze internal and external health data such as pet height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, etc
  • Provide advice on washing, feeding, and related product introductions


3. Intelligent Enterprise Operation Strategy

  • Collect and analyze pet owner user data
  • Analysis of the current situation and prospects of industrial operation
  • Online and offline omnichannel operation strategy
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