Pat bathing robot

Pat Bathing Robot

Customized grooming plans based on dog breed and size,Quick cleaning and reduced manual involvement,Low noise throughout the entire process, high pet comfort.

The pet bathing robot is an artificial intelligence device independently developed by Xiduo Technology, which took 3 years and cost 10 million yuan. It can provide integrated professional services for pets, bringing technological innovation to pet bathing.

1、15 minute wash and blow dry with high efficiency

From washing to drying, it only takes 15 minutes, increasing manual efficiency by more than 4 times, and its performance far exceeds similar products in countries such as Europe, America, and Japan.

2、 Pets are more comfortable

Using the latest fans and noise reduction technology to minimize noise and reduce damage to pet hearing.

Robot bathing only takes 10 minutes to blow dry, greatly reducing human involvement, reducing contact between humans and pets, alleviating pet resistance and fear, reducing psychological harm to pets, and improving pet comfort.

3、 Monitoring and analyzing pet body data to continuously safeguard pet health

The world’s first application of artificial intelligence in vitro detection technology in bathing equipment can monitor pet weight, heart rate, blood pressure, skin condition, etc. in real time, collect and analyze data, generate pet health reports, and propose scientific feeding suggestions.

4、 Bathing is cleaner

Adopting unique ultrasonic microbubble cleaning technology, it quickly removes stains and maintains a high level of cleanliness, not inferior to manual scrubbing.

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